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Drag & drop eBay storefront builder to enhance the look of your store

Since we’ve built Ad-Lister back in 2006 we have been focusing on allowing our customers to make their listings look as professional as they can without requiring any knowledge of HTML.

A lot has changed since 2006, the eBay marketplace has become a lot more competitive with more and more sellers opening stores each day – That’s why we will try to offer our customers an advantage over the everyday eBay sellers by including our new eBay Storefront Builder in the Ad-Lister license!

This feature will now allow users to build a custom shopfront that will make their store stand out and encourage possible clients to buy their products.

The storefront builder was designed to be user friendly, making the experience smooth and easy for all users.

Fully customisable, the eBay Storefront builder allows you to drag and drop blocks to arrange the layout of your storefront, change the colours add rotating banners or modify the background – these are just some of the key features our builder has to offer.

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