Bulk updating Item specifics

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How to update the Item Specifics in Bulk

It is essential to add the right item specifics to your items in order for them to appear on the top part of search results. The more details you add, the more eBay will like your product – and will display it in favor to items which have fewer details added in their specifics.

You can Bulk update the Item specifics by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Products Page and select the items you want to update
  2. Now click on the Edit Product dropdown and choose the option: Item specifics
  3. You can now set the Item specifics you want for the selected items
  4. When you’re done with adding/editing Item Specifics – click on the Save button and go back to the Products page and revise  the items you’ve just edited


Keep in mind that this will add the same Item Specifics to all the items that you have selected.


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