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Bulk updating Shipping options

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You can bulk update the shipping options as well

  1. Go to Products and tick the items you want to update
  2. Now click on the Edit dropdown and choose the option: Shipping options
  3. You can now set the shipping options you provide along with their costs 20160324135711df41j
  4. Remember to tick the green box of the options you edit
  5. When you have finished, you will have to save it and also revise it so that the changes will update on eBay as well – just press Save and Revise and choose the right option for revision

NOTE: This will imply the same shipping options to all items selected. If you do not wish to do so, please use the spreadsheet to bulk update the shipping options for each item or update them one-by-one individually. If you already have a product type created with shipping options, you can assign it to the items you want so that you won’t deal with shipping options anymore.

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