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Creating a product via the Wizard

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You can create a product via the Wizard as well. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Products and click on the Wizard button on the right side20160322101108xad7u
  2. Type the name of the product or choose a similar name from the options below
  3. Choose the eBay category. The wizard now allows you to add SKU, condition, QTY, BIN price and set the store category as well
  4. Add the description content and choose the images you want
  5. You can add the shipping options or use the previously set up Product type to save some time adding the shipping options
  6. You will now add the Item specifics like Brand, Model, etc… To add new fields just type the name of the new field and press the Add field button. You can now input the values inside the fields. Click Continue
  7. You can now choose to add or not Variations to your item. Press Yes to do so or press Not now to continue without adding them
  8. You will now assign a listing template to the item and choose to Create and view or Create and post the item on eBay
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