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What is an eBay token?


A “token” is a link between Ad-Lister and an e-commerce platform, such as eBay. These connections expire every 12 months, and they need to be renewed for security measures.


How do I renew my eBay token?


In order to renew your eBay token, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> eBay account
  2. Make sure you log out of eBay on all of your open tabs in the browser
  3. Click on “Change/Update” button.
    update eBay Token
  4. Sign in to your eBay account with your eBay credentials (not your Ad-Lister credentials!)
  5. Confirm by clicking on “I agree
  6. Your security token has now been updated

Note: Please keep in mind that you will have to renew your security token every 12 months. You will receive a notification on the dashboard when the token is about to expire.

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