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You can find what you need within this support page, everything from getting started to the more advanced features.

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Can you list from Ad-Lister to Magento?


Yes, you can! Listing products on Magento has just got a lot easier. With Ad-Lister you can push your products to Magento in just a few clicks.

This feature comes fully integrated into Ad-Lister and it was specially developed to make running your online business easier, faster, and a lot simpler.

You won’t need to hire extra staff to take care of your Magento listings because this feature is fully integrated with our software, making it easy to use by anyone with minimal knowledge of Ad-Lister.


How can you list form Ad-Lister to Magento?

You can now post directly to your Magento website from Ad-lister and/or update your product’s information.

You will need to go to Products tab and create the product you want to post on Magento. Follow this guide here for more info about how to create a product from scratch.

Now that you have your product created, just tick it, go to Platform Actions -> Post to Magento and you can either leave the boxes ticked or not, it will anyway take all the info from that product, and just click Post.



By default, Ad-Lister will automatically set the category on Magento to the shop category you have set up within Ad-Lister. If your category names are identical on both Ad-Lister and Magento, the products will be assigned to that exact category on your website. However, if the categories in Ad-Lister are different to the ones on Magento, the process will create a brand new category on your website and assign your products to that category.



This will bring the product in your Magento website and will post it. This job will also revise/update an existing product if you changed any of the info. When doing so, just follow the same procedure but this time make sure you tick the box of the options which you wish to update, i.e Price, Title…

Do I need to create separate products that will be listed on Magento?

No! You can use your existing products to list on Magento– that’s the beauty of it.

Note: the QTY and the images will automatically update every time you run this job when the product is already live on your website, which is why there is no option to choose them.

Here’s a video tutorial about this as well: link


When can I start listing products on Magento?

To start listing products on Magento you only have to start a trial account and link your Magento platform with Ad-Lister.

If you need help with setting up the platform, please contact us on 0121 285 1052 and one of our support staff will be glad to show you around.

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