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Importing your items

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You can import an inventory into Ad Lister either by uploading a CSV spreadsheet with the items added to it, or by running the import job in Ad Lister which can pull in all your live listings from your eBay store . The following steps can help you with the process:

Importing all live listings from eBay
  1. On the Dashboard on your To Do list click on the link “Import your eBay inventory
  2. On the next page you can select how many items you want to import in and if you want your images to be hosted by Ad Lister
  3. Click “Run
Importing new items with a CSV/excel spreadsheet
  1. On the Dashboard, click on the link “Import inventory with excel/CSV” or go to Products -> Upload Products
  2. Click on “Choose file” button to select the spreadsheet, then click Continue
  3. Tick the option “Import new inventory” and adjust the right settings to your wishes20160322103820v0n3o
  4. You can try and click Test to see if all is correctly set on the spreadsheet or you can press directly on the “Import inventory” button
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