Listing an item on eBay

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How to list an item on eBay using Ad-Lister?

After you have created a product, you can list it on eBay in a couple of seconds:

  1. Go to the  Products page and select the product you want to list by ticking the box in front of it and click on the eBay dropdown and select the Post option.
  2. Choose the listing template you want to assign to it and click on Post to eBaySelecting listing template in Ad-Lister
  3. Choose when you want the product to be listed, now or schedule at a certain time, click Process when is all done

You can also list the item directly after creating it.


  1. When you’re done with creating the product, click on the dropdown right next to the Save button and choose list on eBay, then press the Save buttonListing on eBay
  2. If all the settings are correct, Ad-Lister will now list the item on eBay. If not, an error message will appear, containing instructions on how to fix the error

You can watch our tutorial video on how to List an item on eBay below:


If you bump into difficulties when listing items, you can call the support line (0)121 285 1052, and our staff will gladly help you.

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