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What are “multi-users”?


“Multi-users” is a feature that can be enabled on your Ad-Lister account. It is very helpful if you have a big company with multiple employees accessing your eBay back-end, your Amazon back-end, and finally, Ad-Lister. You can use it to secure your eBay or Amazon account with Ad-Lister without sharing your passwords.

In other words, each one of your employees will have different logins (email address+password), so you won’t have to share your credentials with all of your employees.


Why should I use this feature?


Our multi-user feature with restricted access is ideal for multiple people within the business, eliminating the need to share your eBay, Amazon or website logins with your staff.

You can also limit the areas where each of your employees have access to, and what actions they can take.

Another major benefit of using this feature is the ability to backtrack certain actions. For example, let’s say a product gets listed with the wrong price, or something goes terribly wrong. With the “multi-users” feature, you can track whoever caused this, and when. Simple!

For more information about this feature and in order to activate it, please give us a call on 0121 285 1052.

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