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Personalize the Products Page Layout

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Personalize the Products Page Layout

Both on the Products and on the Listing pages you can personalize the table and the filters to make it easier to look through your items.

Go to the Products tab and click on Settings on the top right of the Products table.

Under these settings, you can choose the size of the product thumbnails on the left. You can also choose by which feature the products to be sorted out on the page. If you prefer, you can set a view to seeing the items grouped in categories when you go to the page.

In the first section, you can select different features like Price, Categories, SKU to be displayed as a column on the table.

The last section allows you to choose filters to make it easier to find the products that you are looking for.

Save your changes and if you want, go to the Listings page and similarly personalize the page there as well.

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