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Find what you need within this support page from getting started to the advanced features.

Rather speak to us, not a problem call 0121 285 1052, raise a support ticket, or via live chat Monday to Friday 9-5

We offer our customers a template builder with which they can customise the look of their listings. Within the template builder, you will have access to:

  • change the layout and background of the page
  • add your own logo and contact details
  • add a slideshow and attaching your own images to it
  • change the fonts and colours of titles, buttons, tags, texts and headers
  • control over your category list
  • control over your Best Sellers
  • make it responsive and other extra features

Once you subscribed to a trial, just follow these steps to check it out:

  1. Click on the “Design your template” button on the To Do list on the dashboard.
  2. Add a name to it and customise it the way you want
  3. Press on the “Save” button
  4. If you want to go back and edit it at a later moment, just go to Design -> Template builder and click Edit.

If you are an existing customer, give us a shout at the support helpline and we can help you with adding a builder to your account as well.

That was easy! You got a listing page design created with the template builder!

However, if you decide that you want to have a more dynamic, professional and custom made design created to fit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll tell you all about how you can have one.

You can reach us at  0121 285 1052

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