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What are Template Tags?

Template tags are used by Ad-Lister as placeholders for text information about your company, shipping, returns, etc. These usually have the following format: [ABOUT_US], [DELIVERY], [PAYMENT], [SHIPPING], [CONTACT_US], etc.

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You can change the content of your template tags in a couple of clicks. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click on  Design -> Template tagsTemplate tags in the main menu
  2. Edit the ones you have by clicking on the “Edit” button in line with each tagEditing template tags
  3. Edit the content and press Save


In order for the changes to take effect, you need to revise your existing items with the “Description” option.

You can also create a new template tag by clicking on “Add template tag” found in the item edit section.

You can use the newly created tag to hold information which is usually common to your items. You can, later on, insert this to your Description. This saves you time when adding the same text again and again.

  1. Go to the Products page and click to Edit your items. Scroll down to the Description section
  2. Click on “Insert tag or Campaign” to be able to include the already saved information.
    insert tag or campaign ad-lister
  3. Below the description box, you will be able to select which tag to include


Inserting tag into description box




You can create a new template tag, but that will not automatically show up on your design. If you want extra tags to be included on your listing page, please contact us.

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