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You can add Watermarks on your images as well. For more information about this service and costs, contact us at 0121 285 1052

  1. First you will need the feature to be activated as it’s an extra one
  2. Then, go to Listings -> Listing Templates and scroll down to the bottom or just simply click on the left panel where it says Watermark and it will take you directly there                                                                                 20160414160341ducg9
  3. Once you get to the watermark section, browse for the watermark (if you have it in the Ad-lister manage images folder) or just paste the URL from where it is hosted
  4. Select what kind of watermark it is
  5. Choose the right alignment for the watermark and where you want it to be placed on the images 2016041414191413d64

Also, keep in mind with eBay’s policy rules about watermarks, here

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