Ad-Lister is equipped with a comprehensive set of features designed to expedite your listings. Our inclusive template builder allows you to craft visually appealing listings effortlessly. Additionally, enhance your experience with a variety of add-ons that seamlessly complement the software, providing you with a versatile toolkit to optimize your listing process.

  • Basic template

    While our included template builder provides flexibility, we go the extra mile with the additional mobile Responsive option, ensuring your listings are seamlessly viewable on all mobile and tablet devices. Elevate your listings even further by incorporating seasonal design packs, allowing you to effortlessly switch up your sales for events like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, providing a visually engaging and responsive experience for your audience.
  • Data Feeds / Automated
    CSV files & API’s

    If you’re looking to automate the product creation process through external feeds from providers like Toolbank, Sealey, Feridax, Bond Tyres, and Thule into Ad-Lister, we encourage you to reach out to us. Simplify your workflow and streamline product integration by connecting with our team.
  • eBay Design / eBay
    Responsive Design

    Brand your listings and store with a custom design allowing you to really stand out from the competitors, our designs are not based on templates so they are hand crafted to match your exact requirements, you can take a look at our portfolio on this here.
  • Export to
    Amazon / Big Commerce

    Amazon is a fast growing marketplace and we have provided a simple way to get your existing products to Amazon very quickly, we have mappings so that the variations can also be sent to Amazon with ease.
  • Highly Available
    Image & Content Hosting

    Your listings are the most important part of attracting customers to buy an item, so if these load slow or are unavailable potential buyers will choose another seller, we have superior hosting that allows your images to load very fast and also highly available so your potential buyers turn into real buyers.
  • Low Stock Warning
    Worried about your stock levels on the products? we can take care of this by setting a low level on certain products and then you will receive an email once these items have gone below this level, this is very important for those that do not have an automated stock management system such as our Nventree.
  • Master & Slave
    If you have more than one eBay account and want to sell some or all of the same products we have an option that can help, this can push the product to another Ad-lister account and then you can change some of the basic data such as the title and then list this to eBay, this offers the fastest way of selling on multiple eBay accounts.
  • Price Recommendations
    & Google Analytics

    Interested to know the best way to sell your product and how the other sellers are selling them?  We have a feature that allows you to enter a partial title of the product and then display the key points of the item, the best category, the price and how many listings are available.  This is ideal to use if you are interested in taking on a new range and interested to see the selling performance without taking the risk.
  • Social Marketing
    Social Marketing has increased over the years and this is an important factor these days, attract more sales while people sit lonely in a pub with their friends all on facebook / twitter by publishing your available products to your facebook / twitter account.
  • Stock Control
    & Order management

    To streamline your business further we have a range of other solutions that will also save you time and improve your customer service level allowing you to focus on your business daily without wasting time doing other tasks. These solutions can range from a simple order management that downloads your orders to one easy to use application or a full stock management system controlling everything.
  • Automatic Gallery

    This feature ensures that your images remain yours by automatically adding your brand to each of the images that are shown on eBay, you can define the transparency, size and position of where the watermark is added on your product image. To save you time the watermark is also automatically added onto each listing that you send out to eBay eliminating the need to edit all of your images manually.


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