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Create Attractive Listings

Create Attractive Listings

Appearance is everything!

By using our software Ad-Lister you can easily create attractive listings that buyers are more influenced to buy from than a standard listing.

It is a well known fact that if you have a high street shop and don’t take care on it’s appearance then you’ll attract a different kind of buyers or none at all, by having an attractive shop, customers will feel at ease when purchasing from you. The same rules apply for websites and eBay listings, they will know you offer a more professional service than a standard seller with just a few lines of text.

You may create a basic layout using the included template builder or choose to have a custom made design to match your corporate branding.

The main point to note in these designs is the fact that as a seller you won’t need to know any HTML or design skills, your products are merged to the design and then posted to eBay in a few easy to use steps.


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