eBay Custom Design

We guarantee that your design will be unique!

Having an eBay custom design gains trust of potential buyers and helps turn these into buyers, the same principle as an untidy shop in the high street, everything is based on looks. To ensure the best is applied, we base the design around your products key features ensuring the increase of sales.

The eBay custom design is coded to Ad-lister by us, so that you just need to focus on your core product data and gone are the days of copying and pasting or the need to understand HTML.

Existing eBay listings are imported to Ad-lister and then revised to eBay on a few clicks, meaning that as soon as your design is coded, you can see the benefits immediately.

Included with each of these packages the Ad-Lister license for 3 months, this allows you to benefit from the application and use our free telephone support and some typical packages are highlighted below.

ebay Basic

Custom eBay listing template (no store design or responsive)

The getting started option for the low budget and to focus on the listings first before expanding out to the store design.

ebay Ultimate

Custom eBay store design & listing template (not mobile responsive)

The best selling option for the smaller budget, this allows you to benefit from the custom design and then later as the sales build up upgrade to the Mobile Responsive.

Live Examples:

eBay Ultimate Responsive

Custom mobile responsive design for both the eBay shop & eBay listing

This package is our top package and provides you with the best opportunity to really increase your sales.

Live Example: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/abczoneltd
For further information, please see the Case Study of Success


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