It's now free to sell pre-owned clothes!

The easy way to pocket more from your pieces

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Keep your 'fits fresh (always)

With no selling or buying fees, sell your past loves and discover a world of pre-owned fashion on eBay.

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Why sell your clothes on eBay?

It's now free

No selling fees on pre-loved clothes, even on your existing listings, so you can pocket more from your pieces.

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It's easy and fast

Listing is simple and as soon as you make a sale, your payment is sent directly to your bank account - no need to withdraw the funds!

It's safe and secure

As a seller you're protected from events beyond your control, so you can make money without worry.

The best way to send your items

Get your parcels from A to B easily. Take your pick from a range of delivery services available through eBay.

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Top tips for a successful sale

Create a great listing

Write your title using recommended terms and include all the important details. Make sure your pics are high-quality and well-lit, showing your item at different angles.

Price it right

Set your price based on what's recommended from recent sales and similar items. Choose how you want buyers to purchase your item-select 'buy it now' or put it up for auction.

Send it on its way

Use eBay delivery labels to get a discounted rate on postage or take advantage of the range of collection services when you sell within your local community.

Sell and buy easily in the eBay app

Upload photos from your phone, scan barcodes for product details and enjoy exclusive features!

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Frequently Asked Questions

eBay listing designs are important when it comes to selling on eBay because they help with building brand awareness and trust with possible customers. When someone looks at one of your listings, they will immediately associate it with your brand.

The eBay listing design builder comes included in the license cost, and you can even use it with our free trial.

All of our listing templates are fully mobile responsive. It means that no matter what screen size you are use, the eBay listing design will seamlessly adapt to the screen size.

Yes you can! The eBay listing design builder is included in our free trial.

We offer fully customized eBay listing design services. Each design is unique and custom coded to each client's preferences.

Using our eBay listing template builder, you can choose a design and apply it to live listings within a couple of minutes!

That's not a problem! We can build a custom algorithm that can strip all the unnecessary HTML off of your listings allowing you to apply the new design that you've just created.

You can Sign up for a Trial here (note: no credit card details required), and if you are satisfied with the software, you can register for a full license by giving us a call on 0121 285 1052.


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