Import Of Live eBay Items

Import Of Live eBay Items

Have existing items on eBay that need a design?

If you have existing items on eBay, then these can be easily imported into Ad-lister using our import feature, this will perform a basic import and assumes that you don’t have any other design on your items.

The import button is located on the Ad-Lister Dashboard – you can start pulling in all of your listings from eBay with only one click!

Importing eBay listings with a click of a button


For those that have a design on their listings already, it will take a bit of time until our developers have a look at your listings and code a custom import algorithm to get rid of all the old HTML – this algorithm will make sure that all the necessary information gets pulled form each and every listing.

If you have listings that already have an HTML template on them and you would like to import them into Ad-Lister, please give us a call first so we can arrange a custom import.


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