Product Management

Create and manage your products with ease, list to eBay when ready!

Ad-lister has an inbuilt powerful interface allowing your products to be fully managed and edited either one at a time or use a bulk action such as ‘Increase the Price by 10%’. These bulk change tools are essential to saving you time and this is a real benefit of using Ad-lister over any single product editor system.

You can make all of the changes, preview them and then only once you are ready, revise them to eBay, this is useful when you have a new product range that you wish to launch or you have other people creating the products for you and you want to inspect them before seeing them on eBay.

There is no limit to the number of products that you have, variations, vehicle compatibility and eBay item specifics are all supported.

Your products can also have 4 different description sections and upto 24 images if this is really necessary, this is useful on high quality items for where you need to show more information.


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