Saves Time & Money

Saves Time & Money

How much time do you spend on your business?

We speak to a lot of business owners and there are 2 main reasons they come to us, firstly is to attract more sales by having a unique design that exceeds their competitors but then are worried on the increased work they will need to do.

With Ad-lister there is no need for copying and pasting along with no need to use HTML, our software enables you to list a product faster and without knowledge of HTML or any other design you can easily list to eBay very quickly.

If you are selling similar products, then you can clone an existing product, change the picture, price and title and a small description and post it to eBay within 30 seconds it’s that fast !

Reducing the time with your current eBay listing process allows you to save money as your time is much more efficient.

To save more time, you may even wish to look at our other software tools for order management or stock control managing a wide range of selling platforms including Amazon and Magento.


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