Simple To Use

Simple To Use

A fresh and modern design for 2019!

Almost 10 years ago we launched the first version of Ad-lister, eliminating the need to copy and paste or edit HTML ! Since then and with our customers feedback and ever growing changes on eBay we have worked hard to improve the look and feel to make it easier to use. Each of the main sections can be customised for your own requirements, turn on and turn on columns or filters that you need so your screen is less cluttered.

A welcoming dashboard, fully customisable to show you the status of your listings, profit & loss etc, leading to a products section where you can add and manage your products and then these are then are assigned to a listing template and published to eBay.

Bulk changes such as the postage or prices can be done in a few clicks for all your products, so when Royal Mail decide to change the prices, increase the postage by 10% on all your products and click to revise to eBay, it’s that simple !

100% mobile responsive means that there is no need to download a separate application, just load up the usual application on your tablet or mobile device and you can use Ad-Lister.

We value our customers feedback too, so if you have anything to make your life easier please feel free to let us know and then we can consider this for future updates.


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