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Bulk updating EAN/UPC/ISBN

Find what you need within this support page from getting started to the advanced features.

Rather speak to us, not a problem call 0121 285 1052, raise a support ticket, or via live chat Monday to Friday 9-5

Is easy to update EAN/UPC/ ISBN now

  1. Go to Products and tick the items you want to update
  2. Now click on the Edit dropdown and choose the option: EAN/UPC/ISBN
  3. Choose what reference you want to edit by selecting it from the dropdown, and input the value on the field next to it 201603241143245fl7w
  4. When you finished, you will have to save it and also revise it so that the changes will update on eBay as well – just press Save and Revise and choose the right option for revision

NOTE: If you need to update the EAN/UPC/ISBN to variations, they won’t appear here. You will have to edit them manually or by spreadsheet!

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