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When is this feature useful?

Bulk updating prices is useful when you would like to have a promotional sale on your platforms or when you have to bulk increase the pricing due to a general price increase.


How can you make the changes using the Ad-Lister interface?

To change all of your prices with the same amount (numeric value or percentage), there is a bulk action in Ad Lister.

You will have to go to the Products page and filter for the items you want to update.


Once selected, click on the Product actions tab and click „Bulk Update Prices”.

On the opening lightbox, you can select if you want to update the Buy It Now (BIN) or Auction (Starting) price and the prices on your other eCommerce platforms.

First, you have to select the platforms on which you would like to increase the prices,  then you can select if you want to add, deduct from the price, or make the prices equal to a certain amount.

Also, you can select if you want to increase your prices by, for example, 5 GBP or 5 %.

After setting the rounding up rules, you can click to update the selected items.


This will update the variation prices as well!

Don’t forget to revise the products in order to apply the values to the live listings.

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