Creating/editing store categories

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What are store categories?


Similar to a physical store, your eBay Store categories help you organize and display your listings to buyers. You can create your desired store categories as you wish.


Store categories? eBay categories? What’s the difference?


Store categories are different from eBay categories. Store categories are created by the seller, and are used to organize and display your products to buyers. eBay categories are certain categories that follow distinct guidelines, and are mandatory (i.e. every listing on eBay needs to fit within an eBay category, however, adding a store category to a product isn’t mandatory).

Also, your Store categories don’t need to match eBay’s categories.

How do I create/edit store categories?


You can create new store categories, or edit the current ones, by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to Store -> Categories
  2.  You can create new category using the field on the right-hand side (also, if it is a subcategory – be sure to select a category from the Parent drop-down menu)
  3. You can also edit the name of an existing category by clicking on the Edit button next to that specific category
  4. Additionally, you can retrieve the current categories from eBay by simply clicking on Get new from eBay
  5. You can also choose where certain categories will be displayed. You can have them either on the side menu, on the top menu or within the drop-down menu.

Note: Changes that you make on this page will show up on eBay automatically after a few minutes.

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