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Creating/editing store categories

Find what you need within this support page from getting started to the advanced features.

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You can create and/or edit the store categories. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Store -> Categories
  2.  You can create new category by typing the name into the field and press on Add button and set the parent of the category (i.e: if is a subcategory – select as a parent another category, if is a primary category – select Root as parent)
  3. You can also edit the name of the category by pressing on the Edit button in line with the certain category
  4. You can also retrieve the categories back from eBay by pressing on the button Get new from eBay
  5. You can set which category where to show on the design: Side menu, Top menu and/or Dropdowns 20160324144750bylpe


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