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Listing items on Shopify

Can you list products on Shopify using Ad-Lister?




Definitely! – you can use Ad-Lister to list your products on almost any major eCommerce platform. Listing your products on Shopify is made easy with Ad-Lister, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Over the years we have tweaked Ad-Listers’ interface to make the user experience as straight forward as possible in order for you to list products on Shopify with ease.

The Post to Shopify add-on will save you time and resources – you won’t be needing any extra personnel to take care of creating/listing products on your Shopify store. You can list the products that already exist in your Ad-Lister account, thus eliminating the need to create new products just for your Shopify store.

How to set up Post to Shopify on your Ad-Lister account?

You can easily link Ad-Lister with your Shopify store by following these steps:

1. Log in to your Ad-Lister account click on Connect your Platforms on your dashboard:


Adding platforms on the Ad-Lister Dashboard


Or you can simply click on Platforms in the top menu.


Adding platforms using top menu


After clicking on either of the options, you will be taken to a new screen where you’ll see a button called Add Platform. After clicking on the Add Platform button, you will have to select Shopify from the list.


Select Shopify platform Ad-Lister



After selecting Shopify, you will be prompted to add the platform name. The Shopify store name is located in the URL of your Shopify store while accessing the backend:


Wizardmagic Shopify platform


The platform name is  “wizardmagic” in this case:


wizardmagic platform name


After clicking on Add Shopify platform you will be prompted to install the Ad-Lister app



After installing the app, you are ready to start listing products on your Shopify store.

How to use the Post to Shopify add-on?

Once the add-on is set up and enabled, you can start listing your products in no time! You will only need to follow a couple of steps:

If you want, you can fill out these Shopify platform-specific fields – you can leave them empty if you would like to list the products using the general values that already exist in Ad-Lister.


Shopify product details


The second step would be selecting the products which you would like to list on to your Shopify website and going to the Platform Actions drop-down and selecting the Post to Shopify option.


Ad-Lister interface


Once you have clicked on the Post to Shopify option, a pop-up window will appear, where you will have to select which options you would like to post to your website.

Shopify posting options

After selecting the product details, you can press Post to selected to list the selected products to your website.

Do I need to create separate products that will be listed on Shopify?


No! You can use your existing products to list on Shopify– that’s the beauty of it. Once the platform has been set up, you can simply push your existing products to Shopify in minutes.


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