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What are listing templates?


Listing templates are profiles that store vital predetermined information, such as duration, design template, type of listing, return options, default quantity, etc.


How do I create a listing template?


To create a listing template, follow these steps:

  1.  Go to Listings -> Listing Templates.
  2. Click on “Add listing template” and fill out the required information.
  3. When you’re done, click on “Create“.


You can also select one template that will be set as default. This specific template will automatically be used by all of your future listings.

If you want to edit an existing listing template, go to Listings -> Listing Templates and click edit.

You can also delete or clone an existing listing template, by accessing the drop-down menu on top of the page.


I use Seller/Business/Return profiles on eBay. How do I set these in Ad-Lister?


To set the Seller/Business/Return profiles, head to Listings -> Listing Templates.

Edit the template of your choice and scroll down to the Seller Profiles section. Here you can select whichever profiles you want to use. You will have a list of profiles that already exist on eBay (these will be automatically imported into Ad-Lister).

Please note: You will need to set up all three of these profiles, or none of them, in order for the items to list/revise successfully on eBay. If no profiles are set up, the per item shipping/returns policies will be used.


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