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Listing templates

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The listing templates are going to be the profiles which determine how your products are listed on eBay. You can make the following settings on them:

  • The listing design you want
  • The type of listing (fixed, auction, etc..)
  • The default quantity
  • The maximum quantity listed
  • The duration of the listing
  • The payment options
  • The return options
  • Set watermarks on your images (this is an extra feature – contact us for more details)
  • And a few other options

To create one, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button on your To Do list on the Dashboard which says “Create a listing Template” or go to Listings -> Listing Templates
  2. Click on “Add listing template” and fill it in with the settings that you want
  3. When you finish, click on the “Create” button

You can also select one template and set as default when listing new items.

Whenever you need to update something on them, you can always edit the existing ones.
For this click on the Edit button in line with each template.
To set a template as default, tick the template and select from the drop-down the action to make it your standard template, then click Apply.
You can delete or clone them the same way as setting them as default.

Note: When importing your inventory from eBay, your current listing profiles will be imported too!

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