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Managing your images

Find what you need within this support page from getting started to the advanced features.

Rather speak to us, not a problem call 0121 285 1052, raise a support ticket, or via live chat Monday to Friday 9-5

You can host the images you want to use directly on Ad-lister. For more information about the services and costs please contact us on 0121 285 1052

To access the main folder of images, you just have to go to the Images tab and you’re there!

Now that you’re here you can:

  1.  Filter images by your own preferences  in the Search section
  2.  Create new directories so that you can sort/arrange your images according to different schemes
  3.  Upload more images at a time by pressing on the Bulk upload images button on the top right corner, or upload them individually by clicking on the Choose file button, selecting the image you want and pressing on Upload 
  4.  You also have access to clear the images caches – this helps you remove the stored images from the background and make sure you see the changes made20160513105701j6ora


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