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Why would you need the price recommendations addon?

Sometimes finding the correct price to sell your products for can be tricky, considering the diversity among the sellers and competitors nowadays. Will it be too low for a profit? or will it be too high for sales?

Now is easy to find the average price of your products considering that there other sellers on eBay that sell the same things and you can just compare them and draw a conclusion.

Ad-Lister now has an extra feature called Price recommendations which allows you to get a ballpark figure of what your competitors sell their products for. This is an extra feature which comes at an extra cost from the normal Ad-lister license, but for more info about this feel free to give us a call at 0121 285 1052.

How does it work?

All you have to do is go to Products -> Price Recommendations and input the product’s title you’re searching by: Price recommendation Widget Ad-Lister

Additionally, you can also add the eBay category for a more filtered search and also set the condition of the products as well. When all set, just the  Search and it will bring up products that were found.

It will also show you bellow the table with products, the percentage of fields set by different sellers (i.e how many sellers use a specific eBay category compared to the others, different postage options, different item conditions, different payment methods, etc..).

You can also check your top competitors right there below which normally brings up the top 5 but you can also expand the search for an additional 15.

Top 5 Sellers Widget Ad-Lister

For any additional info or any other query you have, feel free to contact us at the above-mentioned line.

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