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The search feature has been slightly changed on the new Ad-Lister interface, meaning that you’ll no longer have separate fields for searching Titles/listing IDs and SKUs. We have merged these into one search field that you can see below:

ad-lister product search


To search for a listing ID, just paste it into the search box and press “Enter” or click “Filter”.

Please remember that if you’re searching for a SKU, you’ll need to provide an exact match of keywords in order to find the desired results.

eg. “summer” below will find the two products that have the keyword “summer” in the title

ad-lister summer search


whereas “summer diffuser” will find the product that has this exact same SKU and also the product that has the “summer diffuser” keywords in the title

ad-lister summer diffuser


However, if you want to find a product by its SKU, but cannot remember the keyword sequence exactly, you can add the “%” wildcard in front, in-between or at the end of your keywords for wider search results.

eg. searching for “summer%” will find the product whose title starts with the “summer” keyword, and also the product with the “summer diffuser” SKU, as in this case, the “%” wildcard will stand for “diffuser”.


Following the same principle, searching for “%summer%” will find all the products that have the “summer” keyword at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of their respective titles or SKUs.

ad-lister search-with-percentage

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