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New online version of Just Ship It

We have launched the new online version of Just Ship It 


We are happy to announce the new online JSI is now live! It is accessible online from any PC or mobile device anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The new version is a lot faster and more reliable as it doesn’t depend on the local environment (as the older downloadable one) on your machine. 
If you are searching for an app which integrates order management, printing of invoices, shipping labels integrating PPI stamps, picking and packing lists, adding your tracking numbers and despatching your products, why not give it a try?

The application integrates with your eBay shop, Amazon seller account, Rakuten and Magento as well!!

Here are a few snapshots of the new application: 

So why not subscribe for a free 3 day trial and leave us your impressions:

Please use your ad-lister account details if you have one and you wish to register for a JSI trial. 


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