eBay active content rescue package now available from Ad-Lister! We have taken the pain away from eBay sellers whose eBay listings contain active content. Ad-Lister offers a template builder that is Active Content-free, so that with just one import of your live listings into Ad-Lister . It’s that simple! eBay’s changes that came into effect […]

When it came to assuring our customers that they will have the fastest and most secure connections while doing their daily activities, we saved no money and went straight for the best solution in terms of servers and hosting. Equipped with the latest technology and a 99.99% uptime, our servers are packed in premium clusters […]

The popularity of Facebook is reaching new heights many of us if we are being honest engage with social media in some form daily.  Facebook is essential part of our lives. It was almost foreseeable that Facebook would expand their services and make it possible for their clients to sell on the platform too! Facebook […]

Ad-Lister’s new interface comes with many tweaks and improvements, and one of them is the full support for eBay’s new Item Description Summaries, that will come about in July 2016. Ad-Lister has managed to get a head start on other third-party apps and is the first eBay listing tool to support this feature, thanks to its […]

Together with the launch of our new website, we are also proud to announce the release of Ad-Lister’s shiny new interface, which will make listing on eBay easier than ever.  Eight years after the emergence of Ad-Lister’s first version, we have decided to go through a major re-branding process that included building a brand new […]

We are happy to announce the successful integration of eBay’s new click-and-collect feature on the live version of Ad-lister as well, after being launched and tested during last week on our beta version. Anyone who’s items are eligible for this feature can opt-in and set it up per individual listing, within Ad-lister with a few […]

We have launched the new online version of Just Ship It  We are happy to announce the new online JSI is now live! It is accessible online from any PC or mobile device anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The new version is a lot faster and more reliable as it doesn’t […]

Using the OutOfStockControl feature sellers can keep their GTC (Good ‘Til Canceled) items alive, even when the quantity goes down to zero. This enables them to replenish stock for the same ItemID, without the need to relist it when the item is back in stock. This is applicable for Business to Consumer sellers and available […]


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