Brightpearl integration helps simplify the selling process

Brightpearl integration available for Ad-Lister users


Our continuous saga to help online sellers reach their businesses’ top potential by working on multiple channels at once from one single place continues – we have successfully built a module that allows Brightpearl integration!


Brightpearl integration now available for Ad-Lister

We have great news for our clients, as we integrated Brightpearl, high-quality inventory management and ERP software that can help retailers become profitable.



Brightpearl’s Retail Management System is a single cloud-based software that manages orders, inventory, accounting, customer data, and reporting.


The system assures retailers that their order data and inventory are accurate and integrated across all channels. In addition to great features, Brightpearl offers flexible pricing plans that are suitable for the needs and budgets of both small companies as well as large organizations.


What does this integration bring to the table? Well, it will allow users to export products to Ad-Lister, which can then be posted on other sales channels such as eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

Ad-Lister’s in its thirteenth year now. And the reason why it was built is because listing onto platforms is difficult. We’ve now got integrations to all the leading platforms like Amazon, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce, alongside eBay. So we’re a one-stop shop for listing onto multiple platforms. Ad-Lister provides listing templates and store builders, so even if sellers just want a quick solution to make them look better than their competitors, they’ll have that within 5 minutes”, said Sean Sale,  one of Ad-Lister’s directors, taking into account the fact that Ad-Lister allows sellers to sync inventory and stocks to and from BrightPearl automatically.

This saves huge amounts of time which in turn brings a high-value proposition for our actual and future app users.

Of course, Brightpearl sellers now have the opportunity to import products from Ad-Lister and then manage their whole inventory and prices for those products from Brightpearl’s interface, along with product info updates, titles, descriptions, prices and inventory.


Merchants can use Ad-Lister to make their listing management workflows more efficient, whilst Brightpearl retains control of all inventory and order management”, said Scott Hill, VP Product at Brightpearl, who confirmed that the two entities fit like a glove, as “we wanted to leverage their profile management technology, and they had support for the major channels we care for“.



Want to start organizing your online business on multiple channels? Our multiple pricing options were made to suit businesses of all sizes. Brightpearl integration is available for all license tiers – as it comes with a separate set-up fee.

The license tiers are based on the number of products in your inventory. To see which plan suits your needs, visit our website and check out our pricing options that best fit your business.


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