eBay Template Builder

Drag & drop eBay template builder to enhance your products in Ad-lister

Products that are within Ad-Lister can be assigned to an eBay design template ready for posting to eBay. The included eBay template builder offers flexibility to make your products more attractive by providing a consistent look and feel that can be assigned to all of your products in bulk.

Fully customisable, the eBay template builder allows you to drag and drop to arrange the layout the way you want it to look, change the colours, rotating banners or add a background are just some of the key features our builder has to offer.

For those wanting a little extra, we have the Mobile responsive option available allowing you to have fully responsive listings so they are viewable on all mobile and tablet devices.

Enhance this further by adding on a yearly seasonal design pack allowing you to change your listings for each season or theme such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

You may see a fully interactive demo of the builder which is part of Ad-lister by clicking the button below, note you will not see your products within this demo.


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