Create and manage your products with ease, list to eBay when ready

Products are created within Ad-lister prior to listing on eBay allowing you full control to manage your products at your own leisure and then list onto eBay when you are ready.

We define a product as the main part of the system where you enter all the main details of your product, you dont need to worry about a design at this stage, this is done when listing and usually defined prior to creating the products.

A full range of bulk actions are available along with CSV import and Export, these are useful for when you wish to update the prices by 5%, or postage increases by £1 etc, there are multiple options on the Bulk actions to make your life easier.

Products should be created with a unique Product Code (SKU) and a title that best describes the product, a large description area is available for a full description of your product and then you are onto the Postage options.

Cloning of existing products makes creating new products easier, just clone an existing product and then edit the title and price to reflect the new product, then when you are ready to post to eBay, preview the item first to check it and then another click and it’s on eBay it’s that simple.

Products can also be imported directly from eBay so if you are an existing eBay customer and new to Ad-lister, part of the setuo includes importing your items from eBay, this allows you to import the products and then revise them with the attractive template without affecting your live listing status.


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