Adding videos to your eBay listings

Adding videos to your eBay listings

As of June 2021 you can add videos to your eBay listings through Ad-Lister!

Some of you may be saying, big deal! we’ve been able to do this for years now? Previously, you were able to add videos to the descriptions of your listings, by recording a video, uploading it to say YouTube or Vimeo and embedding it into the description. However, that wasn’t a great user-experience for your customers and often it took them off the eBay listing page.

eBay enables sellers to upload videos directly to eBay, and they will appear in the gallery area on the eBay product page.

That’s amazing! How can I add videos to my listings?

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than you’d might think. You can only add videos to your eBay listings either by using their Media API, or by using a third-party listing tool such as Ad-Lister.

For all of you who are familiar with Ad-Lister, adding a video is just as easy as adding any other image. Simply upload it into Ad-Lister Media folder, then navigate to your product and add it.  You’re good to go! And for those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Ad-Lister, feel free to give it a try! and see for yourself just how easy it is to use, saving you time creating your eBay listings.

Are there any limitations?

The video needs to be a maximum of 3 minutes long, and it cannot contain any non-eBay links whatsoever.

You also need to follow these requirements:

  • The maximum supported video size is 150 MB
  • The maximum upload resolution is 1080p
  • Supported output resolutions are 240p, 360p, 480p, and 720p
  • Supported formats are the following mp4 file types:
  • MPEG-4 Part 10
  • Advanced Video Coding (MPEG-4 AVC)
  • Providing links to YouTube or other video platforms is not supported.

Do you have any tips for these videos?

Here are a few tips that you should follow before uploading your videos to eBay:

First, record a video of your item in a clean, well-lit area. Ensure your product looks its best and if you or someone else is being represented then ensure you look professional. Describe the item as you show it to the camera. Provide multiple views and show it in operation, be sure to speak calmly and clearly.

Your video should showcase your item’s benefits and unique features and answer any questions that buyers have had previously.

A few examples of effective video types include:

  • Product instructions/ how-to videos
  • Installation guides (e.g. for Parts & Accessories)
  • DIY videos (for example, a woodwork project using a power tool or a recipe using a kitchen appliance)
  • Unboxing videos
  • Videos that clarify the item condition (e.g. scuffs, nicks, tears)
  • Videos should be used as an additional source of information. Sellers should still primarily describe their items with text and photos.
  • Videos should be one minute or less ideally. Videos need to comply with the same listing policies as any other content in listings.

Are there any limitations I should be aware of?

You can only have one single video per listing, but the good news is that once you’ve uploaded that video, you can use it on multiple listings.

Once your video is uploaded, it’ll be moderated and posted to your listing within 48 hours. Videos over 3 minutes long or that contain non-eBay links will be rejected.


Where can customers see these videos? 

Videos can be viewed on any device and appear as a second image when scrolling through the product images.


Is adding videos to my eBay listings important?

To be honest, yes, it is very important. This is because it adds an extra dimension to the description of your product(s). While a few good quality images of the product that you’re selling are usually enough, having a short video showcasing the product is a very welcome bonus. Your customers can see how large the product is in real life, they can see its scale, how it looks in natural lighting, etc.

So the short answer to your question is yes, you should definitely add a video to your eBay listing. You have nothing to lose, it only takes a few minutes to record and upload, so why not?

To sum up

Showcasing your products accurately to your customers is of utmost importance. This is why adding videos to your listings via Ad-Lister can be an extremely powerful tool. Leap ahead of your competitors who don’t use Ad-Lister or any other third-party listing tools by adding a video to your listings today!


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