Importing missing item(s) into Ad Lister

Depending on whether you are using a stock update system like Linnworks or you re-listed items from eBay instead of Ad Lister and you would like to get them into Ad Lister with the updated QTY, you should do the following:

On the  Dashboard of your account click option 1 if you would like to import only certain items:
Or click option to if you would like to import all of them:
Please note that you won’t be able to import an item if you’ve changed the title or the price for it directly on eBay instead of importing it into Ad Lister first and making the changes in Ad Lister.
The solution for this would be that you go back to eBay, change the price of the item to what’s in Ad Lister, Save and Revise the item on eBay. Go into Ad Lister , import the item as shown above, amend the price to whatever you would like, and revise the item in Ad Lister.
Additional option -importing items that haven’t originally been listed from Ad Lister :
Always use Option 1 first, to import the items that have originally been listed from Ad Lister. Once you have imported these items there still might be the ones that were listed from eBay or some other source (Feed, ect.) so in taht case you would use Option 2. 
Before proceeding with option 2, you can see a report on the Dashboard :

detailing what has been imported and what hasn’t been found by title and price:

This will help you to find items that you’ve changed on eBay quickly and efficiently.


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