What you need to know about selling on Magento

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform (built in PHP) with its own Content Management System. It was first released on the 31st of March, 2008 by Varien and developed on the platform of Zend Framework.

By now, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses using this open-source platform to start their online store, including big brands like Nike, Samsung, Coca Cola, Ford, Omega Watches, etc.

So why use Magento?

Magento is one of the best eCommerce solutions for businesses and individuals who want to develop a long-term professional website. Thanks to its scalability, Magento has been adopted by over 250.000 merchants worldwide and it now handles over £155 billion in transactions every year.


What basic features make Magento so popular?

Product management: With many images and optional comment reviews on products, favorites lists and inventory management.

Category Management: easy to find and select products by category

Inventory management: manage your products left in stock, import them and export them

Client accounts: account status, transaction history, preferred catalogue, address, shopping cart, etc

Customer service: customer contact form, comprehensive follow-up, email service

Payments: many possible payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout and support for external payment method modules like: CyperSource, ePay and many more.

International support: multi-lingual and monetary.

Promotional and marketing tools: coupons, promo codes and more.

Easy integration with Google Analytics: you can generate multiple report with the Analytics suite, you can monitor website traffic, see where you lose potential customers and many more.

Why choose Magento?

Magento is very scalable

Since it is open-source PHP – it allows developers to conveniently manipulate, delete or even rewrite code and manage extension v s. In addition, by having access to its code you can customize your website to be in-line with your business needs.

Magento is secure

Many businesses spend weeks, if not moths making the website look great, easy to navigate, ensuring that the customer’s journey is as smooth and pleasant as possible. However, most people tend to overlook one important thing – security, that’s why they fail at the check-out stage when the user’s data is at risk. In cases like this, customers leave your website at the final phase and it’s nearly impossible for you to win their loyalty back.

Magento allows business owners to keep customer payment and ID data secure, as well as your financial information, product catalogue and price lists. Additionally, thanks to its security protocols, constant updates, encrypted connections, and robust hosting provider, Magento successfully fights off security attacks and detects even the smallest vulnerabilities.

It’s suitable for all business sizes

No matter what size your business is, Magento is great for both small and medium-sized companies as well as large companies. It was built to easily work with a growing number of products that you might get as your business grows.


How does Magento work with Ad-Lister?

Ad-Lister can be directly integrated with your Magento eCommerce website. This integration allows you to push products that you are already selling on other platforms – such as eBay, Amazon, your Shopify or WooCommerce websites.

What are the advantages of using Ad-Lister with your Magento website?

Easily list your current products on to your Magento website

Save yourself from the hassle of manually creating products on your Magento eCommerce website. Using Ad-Lister, you can quickly list your current inventory, not having to waste time when it comes to setting up individual products. You can use the images and product data (such as Description, Item Specifics, Variations) that are already associated with the products on other platforms or you can create custom descriptions and titles for your Magento products.

Product management across multiple platforms

Ad-Lister allows its users to quickly make changes to product details and push them over to all of their eCommerce platforms. Conventionally, you would have to log in to the backend of each platform and then change the product data and then revise each item individually– this can become very time consuming when you need to update hundreds of products. Our listing tool takes away the extra hassle, you can make changes to the product in Ad-Lister and then push the changes over to all of your platforms with only a couple of clicks – saving you precious time.

Bulk update/edit products in a couple of minutes

Couple this feature with the ability to manage your products across multiple platforms and you got yourself a massive time saver! Let’s say you need to make changes to a whole line of products – sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Not anymore… using the Ad-Lister interface you can make bulk changes to the product Prices, Descriptions, Item Specifics, Variations and many more – and then just simply push those changes to the right platforms in a couple of seconds!

Use feeds to constantly keep your inventory up to date

Another feature that makes our listing software stand out is the ability to link it to supplier feeds – this allows us to tap into your suppliers’ FTP where we can get updated product data as soon as they upload a new file – this can all be automated up to a point where as soon as Ad-Lister detects a change in the product, it will automatically update the products on your platforms – sounds like an autopilot for eCommerce, doesn’t it?

Final thoughts

Magento is a great platform to use for expanding your online business, thanks to its versatility and features you get as standard. Growing your online business by expanding over to a new online platform can be difficult and time-consuming. If you would like to improve your business flow, then a tool like Ad-Lister can be a valuable one – it basically helps you worry less about keeping your products up to date and it allows you to focus on other key aspects of your business.





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