Ebay’s new click-and-collect feature

We are happy to announce the successful integration of eBay’s new click-and-collect feature on the live version of Ad-lister as well, after being launched and tested during last week on our beta version.

Anyone who’s items are eligible for this feature can opt-in and set it up per individual listing, within Ad-lister with a few easy steps:

1. In your common settings page (bottom left hand side menu) this option needs to be enabled before anything else: http://take.ms/gsPQo

2. Once enabled, proceed to the “all items” page as this is a “per-item” option. Before starting to fill in the required new fields for the option, please make sure the current product you are editing belongs to a category which allows usage of this feature, as not all of them do. A list of categories that are excluded can be found here: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/clickandcollect/ (click on the “category exclusions” tab: http://take.ms/61NR2).

3. Editing any item will now reveal two new options within the page: 3 new size parameters beneath the price field and a new “click-and-collect” selectable option under the shipping setup section.

In order to use the feature you must fill in the parcel size fields (height, width, depth and weight). Please note eBay has the following requirements in order to have the item eligible for the feature: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/clickandcollect/

Please make sure your item complies with the required sizes and weights for the option before proceeding. If you are 100% sure your product fits these max. allowed measures fill the info in these required boxes and proceed to the shipping options section.

4. In the shipping options section you must select “enable click and collect” on that specific product: http://take.ms/Y8qIT

Please note that eBay has some requirements here as well in order to qualify for the option: you must offer at least one free shipping service and maximum delivery within 5 days, and you may only use eligible shipping services, which can be found here: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/clickandcollect/

5. Once you have completed all the above steps and you are sure the item is eligible then you can proceed to saving and revising the listing in order to apply the new feature on to the selected eBay listings.

Please bear in mind that any item that is too large will be rejected at Argos and possibly disposed of, so make sure you have entered precise and correct values in the required fields!

In order to opt-out any listing from this feature you need to simply edit it within the “all items2 page, un-tick the “click-and-collect” option and revise your listing.

Before all the API’s for this function were available for integration in 3rd party software, eBay had already applied it automatically to some sellers listings, which were eligible for the option. If you find yourself in this situation please contact support, as we have a import job prepared which we need to run in your account only, so that this option will be picked up and set on all the listings accordingly. Once it’s been imported, you can deactivate it via Ad-lister if it’s needed. In case you opted out your listings through eBay, then the import procedure is not needed.

For any further questions or clearance in regards to this function in Ad-lister, feel free to contact our support department on 0121 285 1052.
For further details or queries of the new click-and-collect feature itself please refer to the eBay support department.


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