Using the Out-of-Stock Feature

Using the OutOfStockControl feature sellers can keep their GTC (Good ‘Til Canceled) items alive, even when the quantity goes down to zero. This enables them to replenish stock for the same ItemID, without the need to relist it when the item is back in stock. This is applicable for Business to Consumer sellers and available only through the Trading API or LMS.

We have now integrated this new feature in Ad-lister as well.

It can be found and switched on/off by going to the Settings —> Application Settings page :

Out of stock control option Ad-Lister

Even though it is a very useful feature to have and use, please bear in mind that once this option is turned on it will apply to all of your products, as it is a global setting. Also, once you have enabled it you can only turn it off by manually ending your listing and then going into the above settings page and turning off the option (remove tick).


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