Faster and safer servers

When it came to assuring our customers that they will have the fastest and most secure connections while doing their daily activities, we saved no money and went straight for the best solution in terms of servers and hosting.

Equipped with the latest technology and a 99.99% uptime, our servers are packed in premium clusters which are equipped with high-speed SSDs that offer a noticeable difference over the standard disks, so the website is fast to use and has a superior speed for the first load which is essential for Search Engines.


Safe, fast and highly available

Our servers are owned and hosted in a secure PCI Compliant UK Data center (Iomart). Each cluster consists of a minimum of 3 servers boasting superior availability and limited to no more than 10 other customers for increased speed.

For those requiring peace of mind, our clustered solutions offer supreme uptime, allowing 3 servers to take control of your website at any time. This highly available solution is the best for speed and uptime, but does come with a higher price due to being across 3 servers. For those with less sensitive sites, we offer a single server based solution too.

The servers are monitored 24×7 in order to ensure the high levels of availability are maintained.

Additional service contracts can be provided, which will allow your site to be available for routine updates and also give you peace of mind. Magento and WordPress have numerous service patches and updates that need to be applied throughout the year, however this might cause a slight imbalance on your site and break it, so additional development would be necessary – but with a service contract you can rest assured that such events are taken care of.

We also recently conducted a major clean-up process on our servers, which has helped improve speed and has made our work on both Ad-Lister and our customers’ websites a much easier task.

Hardware spcifications

Our servers are equipped with multiple Dell PowerEdge R630 machines, each with CPU 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 2.4GHz, 15M Cache, 8.00GT/s QPI and 128GB of RAM.




The storage consists of the following:

  • Premium (Raid 10 Enterprise 400GB Solid State Drive SAS Mix Use MLC12Gbps)
  • Standard (Raid 10 Enterprise 450GB SAS 15,000 RPM)
  • Dell Power Vault Raid Arrays for High Availability

We also provide daily backup secure with 3 month retention policy and 100% redundancy for hardware protection with different connections such as:

  • Dual 10GB LAN for Server Cluster
  • Dual 10GB connections to the internet (BCP)
  • Dual Cisco ASA-5515x firewalls
  • Dual Dell 7XXX switches
  • Dual Dell 5XXX switches

But hey, why take our word for it – just go on and sign up for a 7-day trial on Ad-Lister right here and see for yourself!




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