Want to start selling online? Here are the top tips for success!

Why start selling online?


Luckily for us, we live in an age where technology has taken over many aspects of our existence, including buying and selling products. Online sales keep reaching newer and newer heights, as retail sales in classic brick and mortar shops become less popular. If you have ever thought of starting an online business, now would be the ideal time to start selling online 

Why do we say “luckily”? Well, because the internet has revolutionized shopping, reaching a level where customers can now purchase whatever they like with nothing more than just a simple click of a button or tap of the finger.


Online retailers can take advantage of this and improve their sales and boost their profits by simply following certain rules and keeping up to the newest online seller trends. There are new and improved methods for sales management each year, anyone can choose their own way, which perfectly fits their business plan. Here are some of these tips and tricks to follow.

1 – Have a plan

First of all, have a plan! Establish a smart and personalized strategy that includes selling channels (will you only sell online or do you also have a physical shop?), the product range and the number of items that will form your stock, shipping services which serve you best and ways to better communicate with your clients. Knowing exactly which step is next is part of a normal online sale environment and you should keep this in mind before embarking in this interesting adventure.


2 – Take time to make the proper product research


Always make sure you sell something people want to buy. Or need. Just because you can find a niche for certain products, not well represented in the online shopping world, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s, profitable. Don’t waste your money investing in buying merchandise before testing the market. You would lose money, waste time and feel like you’ve lost a lot more.


3 – It always comes down to the final price


Set your price right! A good seller will always do thorough research and see the exact price-range of the items that are about to be sold on the shop. Once a price is settled, don’t change it. Stick with it, although you must be prepared for other sellers to offer a lower price than yours.

4 – Looks are everything when it comes to first impressions


Prepare your items for public presentation. Basically, take care of your products in order to present them in their best state to your future or potential buyers. Make sure they are clean, intact and take good pictures of them or even tutorials or presentation videos for your visitors. And don’t forget to always keep your product as the focal point of your selling activity. Check out how you can take the best product images here.

5 – Lead by example

Be as professional as they come! Set an example and raise the bar so high that all your competitors will have to copy you. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing other sellers imitating you. That means you have a great business model, you offer a valuable service and that your net revenue is impressive. Being a good professional is the key to be in this position.

6 – Never settle  – one of the golden rules of selling online

Never stop evolving! Always be looking for new and clever ways to promote and improve your business. Don’t fear progress, use it to your advantage! There will be new features, new apps, new services meant to help you work better, sell more efficiently and also organize your activity better. You don’t have to be alone in this, use technology to help you be a better salesperson. We advise you to try buying your product as would a prospective buyer. Write down your impressions, is your transaction fast and easy? Then you’re on the right track.

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