Holiday settings for eBay sellers

Holiday settings for eBay sellers

So you’re an eBay seller, but you’re planning on going on a well-deserved trip to Italy or Greece. What will happen to your store once you go on holiday? Many eBay sellers don’t think about this and they just go on vacation without giving it a second thought.


But this is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Why? It might and will impact your business in a negative way. Anyway, back to our alleged holiday trip to Italy. You just saw an amazing deal for a 7-day all-inclusive trip to Italy for you and your family. You’re running your own business, so you don’t need to ask for days off from your boss. But there is one very important thing that you HAVE to do:

Turn on holiday mode for your eBay store.

How do you do that? Pretty simple and straightforward. Log in to your eBay account, and within the “Manage my shop” tab on the left, you should see “Shop holiday settings”. Click there, then just simply “turn on”. Afterwards, select the date of your return and what exactly should happen to your items, but we would simply recommend putting your sales on hold. Also, it would be highly recommended to end and fulfill any ongoing auctions that you might have.

You can also add a custom holiday message to be displayed on your storefront or listings. It can be something simple, such as “We are currently on holiday, all orders received between the 1st and 14th of March will be processed and shipped out on the 15th of March. Thank you for shopping with us!”. Simple, right?

A different way to turn on holiday mode

If you’re an existing Ad-Lister customer, you should know that you can also manage your holiday settings directly from Ad-Lister. Just go to your Settings tab and click on “Holiday settings”. From there, it’s business as usual – select the days you’ll be on holiday, the message and decide if you would like to hide the price of your items in case you put them on hold.

What if you don’t want to put your business on hold?

Well, that’s a different story altogether. Maybe your business is growing and booming, and you really don’t want to put it on hold for 2 weeks and lose hundreds or thousands of customers. Maybe you have a lot of employees that can run your business while you’re away.


In that case, you still need to make some preparations. We would suggesting making sure of the following:

-Make sure you have enough stock, especially of your best-selling items;

-Be sure there’s someone to oversee the entire business as a whole, to make sure everything’s running smoothly

-Do you have enough packages to be able to send out 2 weeks’ worth of products? If not, order some before you go on holiday, just to be sure that your employees have something to package your products in.

-Also, do your employees need anything? Have a small meeting with them and ask them if they need anything, however small it might be.

-Assign different tasks to your most trusted employees. Maybe it was your job, or your wife’s job to supervise your employees. But since you’re both going on a holiday, you should assign that task to someone trustworthy.

And the list could go on, but these are the most essential things we would recommend taking a look at.

To sum up

If you take all of these tips and tricks into consideration, we are sure that your holiday will be great and that you’ll be able to be relaxed, knowing that your business is taken care of. So whether you choose to put your business on hold, or whether you choose to let your business running in the hands of someone trustworthy, it’s very important to not think about your business while on holiday.


Seriously, you have like two weeks per year, take advantage of them and try to focus on your holiday. When coming back from holiday, take a look if you’ve received any orders and try to fulfill them as soon as you can. If your business has been put on hold, again, try to analyze the market and see if and how the prices have changed. Given that you’ve been away for 2 weeks, prices might have fluctuated and you will need to adjust accordingly.

And finally, the most important tip – enjoy your holiday!

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