The benefits of creating kits and bundles

Creating product kits and bundles can be considered one of the most highly effective eCommerce strategies that works well for businesses in many different industries. Offering kits and bundles is an excellent way to improve inventory management and sell more products without any extra hassle.

In this blog post, we will explore how kitting and bundling products can help your eCommerce business grow.

What are kits and bundles?

Usually, products are sold individually on eCommerce marketplaces, and customers can add several individual items to their carts.

But what happens if a customer wants a few pieces of the same item? On the eCommerce marketplaces, they can select the quantity they need, but the items are processed individually.

However, some customers prefer the convenience of larger kits. Kitting and bundling items are slightly different versions of the same strategy. You can create unique product listings that offer your customers the convenience of buying multiple products in one quick order. Kits include several different products and are sold together under one SKU, whereas bundles are multiple of the same item. The key is that the kit or bundle should provide a slight discount on the combined items.

By advertising a kit, you help guide your customer to the combination of items they need – you can create a starter kit, combine some premium upgrades or create a wide variety of add-on kits for the main product. This strategy works extremely well with items that use multiple parts, like cameras or video consoles, but can be used with almost any product type.

On the other hand, bundles make the most sense for items that the customers are likely to want more than one of. For example, a bundle of tires, glasses or plates, makes sense for a lot of shoppers.

From eBay to Walmart, there are a lot of eCommerce channels that allow you to create unique bundles and kits.

What are the benefits of using kits and bundles?

They help increase marketing opportunities – If you bundle your items right, you might end up selling other products as well. Using kits and bundles not only encourages your customers to buy more than one item, but it also helps guide your customer on the multiple complementary items that can be used together effectively.

Kits and bundles help increase sales – Selling more items means more revenue. If you have a bundle of five items, for example, you may attract customers that only need two or three of the items from the bundle, but are willing to buy the rest because of savings. This means that you will sell more items, increasing the total revenue generated by that sale.

 They help you get an edge over your competitors – your competitors might have higher ranking listings for individual items, but your unique kit can draw in customers that are looking for a deal. Create kits and bundles to attract more customers, no matter on what platform you’re selling on.

They help simplify the shopping experience – many customers don’t like to search for multiple items online. Especially with mobile shopping, it can be inconvenient to search for multiple individual items to add to their cart. Kits and bundles give your customer the freedom of one-click shopping.

You can have fewer returns – you can reduce the return rates by eliminating the possibility of a customer ordering incompatible parts. Product kitting ensures that the customer is purchasing complementary items, thus eliminating error and improving buyer confidence.

Kits and bundles help reduce the shipping costs – with a kit, your customer will buy all the items at once, rather than individually. You’ll save time and money by sending a single, fully bundled package.

You will have better packing efficiency– Pre-pack your kits in order to save on time, especially for holiday kit bundles. Once a customer has placed an order, every minute counts. Ship faster and more conveniently with pre-packed kits and bundles. Kitting often results in fewer errors than the pack-to-ship method.

Get higher Order values

Kitting items together showcases combinations of items that pair well together. Even though the prices are reduced, kitting and bundling products increase the average order value. Oftentimes, customers will spend the extra money to get a kit or bundle when they would not have necessarily ordered all of the items individually.

Final thoughts

By creating kits and bundles you will unlock a new strategy that helps you grow your eCommerce business without buying new inventory. These techniques allow you to add creative new listings made up of your existing SKUs, ultimately you can use kitting and bundling to help guide your business’ growth.

How can Ad-Lister help you?

Ad-Lister is a multi-channel listing software that allows you to quickly create new kits for several different eCommerce platforms. Our software helps you create unique, competitive listings in a matter of minutes.


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