Why should you start selling on ManoMano?

ManoMano has grown to be one of the best places to find DIY and gardening tools in Europe. The marketplace was established back in 2013 and it has now become one of the undisputed leaders in its niche. ManoMano attracts thousands of buyers from the largest European Economies, making it the go-to place if you are planning on selling Home and DIY products.

ManoMano is more like an aggregator marketplace as it doesn’t own the inventory and doesn’t offer logistics. Sellers are free to create their shipping policies.

Currently, the platform has:

  • Over 50 million unique visitors each month
  • Over 10 million products listed
  • Presence in multiple countries such as the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany

Out of these markets, the UK is THE most important market for ManoMano sales growth

ManoMano saw a huge increase in demand in 2020, with sales turnover in the UK increasing by 240% to €105M with over 4 million sessions.

ManoMano carefully selects its partners (which means not just anyone can sign up) to ensure a qualitative offer for customers. On the UK platform, 75% of sellers are based in the UK.

The UK is THE most important DIY market for ManoMano, estimated to be worth €50 billion – one of the biggest B2C DIY markets in Europe. The digital penetration of the market in the UK is currently at 21%, which means for ManoMano, Europe’s digital leader in DIY, home and garden, the opportunity to grow is significant. To support its growth plans ManoMano will introduce additional services to support its growing seller base and to help with raising and growing awareness, it is also making further investment into UK marketing, including TV advertising.

Why Sell on ManoMano Marketplace?

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Being Niche Marketplace, ManoMano possesses high expertise in the DIY and Gardening category. Moreover, it has experts who take care of all the needs of targeted audiences.

It has a proactive ManoMano Community looking after the needs and troubleshooting any such issues.

Also, it addresses all the unique needs of sellers.

It has a website tailored as per the needs of the DIY and Gardening community.

Also, the screening process of ManoMano is intense. They prefer the following things:

  • quality sellers
  • competitive pricing and quality service

ManoMano is very strict to maintain great standards and a high-quality experience for its customers.

How much is the ManoMano Selling Fee?

If you’re wondering how much does it cost for selling on ManoMano, you don’t need to worry. There is NO application fee for selling on ManoMano. You read that, right! ManoMano’s selling fee is nothing, but there is a monthly subscription fee of €35 (excluding VAT) to start selling on the ManoMano marketplace (according to tamebay). Along with the monthly subscription fee, you will also need to pay commissions on each sale, which is included in your ManoMano selling fee. The sale commissions vary on products sold, considering their category.

Does ManoMano Offer Fulfilment and Delivery Services?

Yes, ManoMano does offer fully reliable fulfillment services through which sellers can deliver their products to customers hassle-free. This delivery and fulfillment service is currently operational in the UK and all across continental Europe. ManoMano has collaborated with OneStock to carry up the ManoMano Fulfilment logistics.

How to start selling on ManoMano?

In order to start selling on ManoMano, you will have to complete a form available on their website (here). Simply click on “Selling on ManoMano” and the pop-up form will appear.

Once you have submitted the form, ManoMano will start the screening process. If your application gets approved, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that you can start selling on their platform.

Selling on ManoMano using Ad-Lister

If you’re new to Ad-Lister, it’s as easy as creating any other product (click here for a more detailed guide on how to create or import products), then simply tagging it as a ManoMano product, setting up a few shipping rules, and then you will be able to export it to the platform.

If you’re an existing Ad-Lister customer, then it’s even easier, because you already have lots of products waiting to be sent over to ManoMano. All you have to do is create a shipping table for your ManoMano products, choosing which shipping options you want to offer, setting a few price rules, and last, but not least – tagging your products with the “ManoMano” tag. And that’s it!

All you have to do is just mark the products that you want to send across to ManoMano, and then our system will automatically generate a .csv spreadsheet with all the info and send it to ManoMano. This is done automatically every day. Afterward, ManoMano will process the file and list the products (or update them, if they’ve been previously created) to their ever-growing online marketplace.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to show you how this works.

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