Trending products to sell online in 2020

2019 was a great year for eCommerce because globally it grew 17% and it is predicted to take up 16% of the entire retail market in 2020. Whether if you’re a small online business or a large retailer, your plan for future growth should include current eCommerce trends – so you are asking yourself:  what trending products should I sell online in 2020?

The success of your online business depends on how well you do your market research and what products you decide on selling. You need to carefully examine online trends and conduct your research, think about what popular items might complement your current inventory.

Let’s have a look at what makes a product good for your eCommerce business

It is common knowledge that eCommerce businesses fail when they fail to listen to their customers, if you don’t pay attention to what your customers want, you can’t understand their needs. This is why it’s important to understand them before you even try to market your products to them.

If no of your customers are asking for dog-friendly selfie sticks, do think twice before investing in them.

So what items should you start selling online? – here are a few guidelines to get you started

If the product can be sold for £10 – £40

This is known as the sweet spot for online shoppers, this price range is perfect for both impulse buys and documented transactions – surprisingly a product priced above £50 can motivate a potential customer to look elsewhere for a better deal. If your product is listed above this price range, be sure to offer deals or special promotions to know down any contenders.

Please note that items in the £1 -10 price range are usually not worth the shipping cost so customers buy these in stores.

If your products are unique and exciting

It is important to keep up with consumer trends- we can’t stress this enough. If you have your website and product pages optimized, your customers should be viewing your store and repeating purchases because you sell the newest and most interesting products – if you truly understand your customer they will keep coming back to your store.

If you don’t sell products that excite your customers, any future marketing strategies will be for nothing. You need to leverage the competition by examining their products and offer enough variety to differentiate yourself – mainly if you are selling in a niche market.

Your products have to be non-perishable, easy to store and easy to ship

Perishables are a no-brainer when it comes to eCommerce – they involve a lot of hassle and worries, perishable goods have expiry dates, they are difficult to store and sometimes they have special storage requirements plus they are expensive to ship. Even if we are talking about trending products, if you can’t sell them before the shopping frenzy ceases, you could be left with a  lot of stock that will expire soon – less money, more problems.

Also, stay clear of potentially fragile items – a bad shipping experience can damage customer loyalty. If you want consistent purchases from customers and a steady stream of income for your eCommerce business choose the items that are original, low cost and simple to ship.

Let’s have a look at a couple of product categories which have potential for 2020


Pet products

This is not a new market, but a constantly expanding one. As celebrity dogs and other animals enjoy their fame on Instagram, pet owners continue to buy hundreds of trending products online.

The global pet market is projected to surpass £270 billion by 2025. Nowadays, pet owners view their pets as a central part of their household – not just as an animal – their purchase mentality shifts. Spending money on the newest pet products becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

There are three key purchasing behaviors that motivate pet owners to buy products for their pets:

  • To maintain the health of their companions
  • To enjoy leisure activities with their pets
  • To make sure that they are comfortable in the home

  Another emerging market is the one involving Wireless and Bluetooth products

If you are not a huge fan of pet products, then the next category might spark your interest and you might consider offering wireless and Bluetooth products.

Apple – with their AirPods – have set a new standard when it comes to these technologies, users now expect a hand and hassle-free user experience.

These features are a must for today’s tech marketplace, so stocking your online store with items that incorporate similar wireless technologies can make a huge difference when it comes to the customer’s shopping carts.

Travel accessories

This market is in a league of its own – as nowadays traveling is accessible to the masses, making travel accessories evergreen and always on-trend. Whether for business or tourism, stocking your store with products that make travel easier is a guaranteed win. This includes travel adapters, power banks, baggage trackers and locks, luggage organizers and many other necessary items.

Final thoughts

These are only a few trending markets that you might want to explore, but before considering selling these items remember that it’s important to listen to your customers!

Our advice is to find trending products that are complementary products for the items you are already selling. This way you can bundle them at first – to promote them and then you can start selling them as individual items.


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