We are happy to announce the successful integration of eBay’s new click-and-collect feature on the live version of Ad-lister as well, after being launched and tested during last week on our beta version. Anyone who’s items are eligible for this feature can opt-in and set it up per individual listing, within Ad-lister with a few […]

We have launched the new online version of Just Ship It    We are happy to announce the new online JSI is now live! It is accessible online from any PC or mobile device anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The new version is a lot faster and more reliable as it […]

Using the OutOfStockControl feature sellers can keep their GTC (Good ‘Til Canceled) items alive, even when the quantity goes down to zero. This enables them to replenish stock for the same ItemID, without the need to relist it when the item is back in stock. This is applicable for Business to Consumer sellers and available […]

When trying to delete image in Images > Manage > you select an item or more with the check box in front of the image name : Once you clicked on the red cross to delete, you should get the following pop-up window: In case you can’t see this message you need to enable the pop-up blocker […]

Depending on whether you are using a stock update system like Linnworks or you re-listed items from eBay instead of Ad Lister and you would like to get them into Ad Lister with the updated QTY, you should do the following: On the  Dashboard of your account click option 1 if you would like to […]

eBay doesn’t like it if images are hosted with them and a third party as well, so if an item has some of the images hosted in Ad Lister and some on eBay, you will get the following error message when trying to Post it or Revise it: In order to resolve the issue, you […]

In order to set the new dashboard you simply need to go in the left hand side navigation menu, SETTINGS > COMMON and select the below shown option:   We have recently launched this new dashboard in ad-lister and anyone can feel free to set it as default by following the simple indication above. You […]

1. If an item has variations you won’t be able to amend the price in the product’s editing page, as it’s greyed out. The same applies to the item’s quantity: 2. You need to go into the product’s variations page (by editing the product):          Or within the “all items” page:   3. […]


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