Selling jewellery & watches online will bring you more profit

eBay and Amazon, two of the biggest online sales platforms in the world, have reduced their fees for selling jewellery and watches. What does this mean for you? You will make more profit by selling more items from that category on both channels.   Reduced fees for Home, Furniture & DIY and Jewellery & Watches […]

Most common Amazon advertising mistakes and how to avoid them

Advertising on Amazon helps your business grow! Selling on Amazon in 2019 may be the best way to improve your profits for your online business, but regardless of the products you have for sale, smart advertising is a must if you actually want to make money. Advertising on Amazon is not the same as on […]

How Love Island is helping big brands make more sales!

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog that selling clothes and accessories on eBay and Amazon although competitive was yielding the most profits for big brands as these are some of the best selling categories right now. If you REALLY want to make a profit by selling clothing, jewellery or other fancy accessories, start […]

How to use Brightpearl to make the best business decisions

We recently teamed up with Brightpearl to help you stay in control of your inventory and make fast and effective business decisions. Brightpearl’s inventory management software provides visibility across all locations to help improve profitability and reduce the risk of overselling.   Brightpearl has now grown to 1,400 customers worldwide which have processed more than […]

From Bezos’ garage to world domination: the Amazon success story

Amazon – The success story of the century The world’s largest marketplace is considered to be one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. It’s the second largest technology company by revenue and the place where you and 1.761.784 sellers have products listed for sale. From an online book store […]

Managed Payments Fees: you’ll pay 25 cents for each final sale!

New Managed Payments Fees One of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, eBay, will be raising its fees for payment processing through its very own Managed Payments program. The Managed Payments Fees are already included in the updated version of the website’s Payments Terms of Use so it’s pretty much official that eBay […]

How to start selling on eBay – Beginners guide, quick start tips and tricks on selling on eBay

A brief history eBay has come a long way since its humble beginnings, the platform started off as a part of a personal website back in 1995. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar ( a French-born Iranian-American computer programmer) who never thought that people would start selling on it and make it the eCommerce giant […]

What should you sell to be successful in 2019?

Best products to sell in 2019 Online sales have changed the way we view shopping, as we can basically buy and sell anything online. There are multiple channels available, each and everyone similar, but also different, to match the special requirements of each seller or buyer. Commodity or niche products? No matter what industry you […]

Brightpearl integration helps simplify the selling process

Brightpearl integration available for Ad-Lister users   Our continuous saga to help online sellers reach their businesses’ top potential by working on multiple channels at once from one single place continues – we have successfully built a module that allows Brightpearl integration!   We have great news for our clients, as we integrated Brightpearl, high-quality […]

eBay or Amazon? Which platform should you choose?

eBay vs Amazon So, you’re trying to start your online selling career and you aren’t yet convinced about which selling platform to choose? eBay or Amazon? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with this dilemma. Of course, eBay and Amazon are the go-to channels, as they are the most popular worldwide, by far. In […]


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