How to delete images ?

When trying to delete image in Images > Manage > you select an item or more with the check box in front of the image name : Once you clicked on the red cross to delete, you should get the following pop-up window:   In case you can’t see this message you need to enable the pop-up […]

Importing missing item(s) into Ad Lister

Depending on whether you are using a stock update system like Linnworks or you re-listed items from eBay instead of Ad Lister and you would like to get them into Ad Lister with the updated QTY, you should do the following: On the  Dashboard of your account click option 1 if you would like to […]

How to amend the prices on an item with Variations?

1. If an item has variations you won’t be able to amend the price in the product’s editing page, as it’s greyed out. The same applies to the item’s quantity: 2. You need to go into the product’s variations page (by editing the product):    3. Amend the prices and quantities if necessary and click […]

Our blog widget

  Location – Ad-lister Dashboard A little handy new widget that will update with all the new posts from our new blog to keep all of you up-to-date with every new feature we roll out. We will soon create an FAQ section as well within the blog pages, so you can quickly access it by […]

How product type works (basics)

We recently implemented a new feature in Ad-lister to facilitate not only creating new products, but also to bulk amend/assign options to your inventory items.  This new option can be found on the left-hand side navigation menu, under the “Inventory” section: Product types This is an easy-to-use page as it is built similar to your […]

Multi select items

To select items by bulk you should hold [Shift] down, select the first item and then select last item.  


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