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“Top Rated Sellers” on eBay explained

Understanding eBay’s “Top Rated Seller” status Sellers who have the best customer service are rewarded by eBay through their Top Rated Seller program. Requirements vary between countries and eBay sites, but are generally focused on sellers having a minimum number of sales, consistent shipment tracking, low transaction issues, small number of late shipments, and of […]

Save time with bulk listing on eBay

eBay is a great platform to sell your merchandise online- it has been building an international market for years, meaning that there are hundreds if not thousands of buyers searching for your products every day. Thanks to this fact, eBay offers the perfect environment for your business to grow but unfortunately, as you scale your […]

Things you should know before you start to sell on eBay

Are you planning on expanding your online business by selling your products on eBay? Or you’d like to start a new online business? In this modern-day and age, you can set up an online store in no time! You have all the information you need freely circulating on the internet, all it takes is a […]

All about barcodes – EAN, UPC, ISBN, EPID and ASIN

All about barcodes – EAN, UPC, ISBN, EPID and ASIN Product barcodes, what are they and why do we need them? According to barcodesinc.com, a barcode is a machine readable form of information on a scannable, visual surface. As such, when you purchase an item from any store, you might notice a label with thin, […]

Taking the perfect photos of the products you sell

Taking the perfect photos of the products you sell Let’s say you have a few products that you want to list on eBay, but you don’t have any pictures of them. So you pull out your phone, snap a few pictures and you’re ready to list them on eBay, right? Wrong. Invest some time in […]

Selling on multiple platforms – why should you consider it?

Selling on multiple platforms – why should you consider it? As you may already know, more and more people tend to shop online, rather than offline nowadays. Why you might ask? It’s more convenient and it’s easier than driving to the store, getting stuck in traffic, etc. Most people choose to purchase products from the […]

Methods to increase your sales on Black Friday

Retailers all over the world are getting ready for the biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday – this event was named “ Black Friday” because it is when retailers earn their biggest profits – and back in the day, black ink was used to record profits and red ink was used to record […]

Listings with variations – what are they and how do they work?

Variation listings make both the seller’s and the buyer’s life a lot easier. It’s one of those features that we simply cannot live without. So what is this feature exactly, and how does it work? Simply put – variations keep potential buyers on the same product page. Let’s say, for example, you’re selling t-shirts with […]


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