Tips for selling on eBay – best practices to improve the performance of your listings

Why should you follow these tips for selling on eBay ?   With over 1.2 billion listings on eBay, competition can be fierce. With each listing competing for the attention of eBay’s 182 million active buyers, sellers have to make sure that they use best practices to get their listings in front of the designated […]

Why are customers abandoning their shopping cart?

Why are customers abandoning their shopping cart? When it comes to online shopping, every eCommerce store has a big cart-abandonment problem. And some of those lost shoppers simply can’t be converted — they weren’t all that interested in the first place, and no matter what you say, they’re not going to finish their purchase. However, […]

What are eBay managed payments?

Intro The checkout process can be a delicate issue for online retailers, with many shoppers dropping off just when they’re about to enter their credit card details. Nowadays, due to the ever-evolving expectations of their customers, more and more eCommerce platforms are releasing their own native quick-pay options. These quick-pay options ensure a streamlined process […]

How can customer feedback help improve your business

How can customer feedback help improve your business Customer reviews are one of the most important tools that your company has at its disposal. Every business is doing their best in order to keep their customers happy and loyal, but how can you be sure that your efforts are bringing the desired results? Customer feedback […]

Quick tips for optimizing Amazon listing titles

As Amazon continues to grow despite the global pandemic, registering approximately 750.000 new sellers this year, the quality of product listings has gotten increasingly important. Did you know that over 95% of Amazon listings aren’t set up correctly? This means that thousands of businesses are listing their products on Amazon without properly optimizing them. The […]

Get a refund for your Shop Subscription if you need to close your eBay Shop

  No doubt that the coronavirus has affected businesses of all sizes in every industry. The COVID-19 outbreak has sent ripples around the world, crippling the economy of many countries and striking fear into the general population. The coronavirus outbreak has caused an interruption in the supply chain causing some businesses to lose profits, in […]

eBay is continuing to stop profiteers of the COVID-19 outbreak

eBay is continuing to stop profiteers of the COVID-19 outbreak Remember how two weeks ago eBay have stopped sales of all face masks and hand sanitizers in order to combat price gouging? This was done in order to combat sellers that profited from the outbreak and sold these products at a huge mark-up. A 50ml […]

How to safely manage your business through the Coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has spread from continent to continent faster than any other virus before it. Currently, many countries are considering a total lockdown, advising their citizens to stay at home for 14 days in some areas, while in other regions all activities will be disrupted for up to 30 days. Causing panic worldwide, with […]


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